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Don't be misledApril 1, 2007, 12:00 am by Bill Long
Since Yaksich-Long Funeral Home opened in 2000 we have strived to bring to the Raton area the best in service. We know families can obtain products from other means but service comes from the heart. Yaksich-Long Funeral Home is family owned, we started the first monument company ever in Raton and offer designs in color. We brought tribute videos, memorial candles and true professional service to this area. Others have tried to copy everything we do but can't seem to duplicate the service we give our families. Don't be misled by thinking there is only one choice. Yaksich-Long has been and will continue to be a leading force and serve all families with dignity and respect

Excessive CostsJanuary 1, 2007, 12:00 am by Bill Long
Excessive costs are a problem for everyone involved. Yaksich-Long Funeral Home thinks its important to point out that a funeral needn't be a crushing burden to the family. We believe that service is our primary purpose, providing the arrangements you require at a reasonable cost. With our guidance, you are never urged to plan a more elaborate service...or one that's inappropriate for you personally, nor will we tell you after the fact we forgot to add charges and then add them on. This is just one more aspect of our genuine concern. Service to our families is why more and more families call on us when they need help, as long as Yaksich-Long Funeral Home is here, a mainstay in our community, you can count on us

Finding the best Funeral Home for YouAugust 1, 2006, 12:00 am by Bill Long
Choosing a funeral home is something many of us avoid until need arises because it touches on a subject with which we're not entirely comfortable. But, like choosing a doctor or a dentist, it,s actually a decision that, the more informed and prepared we are, the more likely it is to ensure a meaningful experience. Decades ago the choice was an obvious one, most families had one local funeral home they'd used for generations. But in todays world, where families are scattered and ties to the community are more tenuous, the choices are far more numerous and can often be daunting. Become better informed now will make decision-making easier when the time comes. Make sure that the funeral home you are considering are all licensed and have a good and honest reputation in the community. Ask people you know for advice who have used the services of a funeral home, Don't be afraid to visit funeral homes and spend time with the funeral director to get a sence of what kind of services he can provide.Whats important is that you find a funeral home you trust and with which you can esatablish a comfortable relationship.

Source of HelpMarch 1, 2006, 12:00 am by
I saw the powers of darkness put to flight...I saw the morning break!" These words remind us that even during the most difficult hours we'll have to live through, there is comfort in our knowledge that for those who have gone ahead there is a better life to come. Like your faith, Yaksich-Long funeral home is a constant source of help during the time of greatest emotional stress. Yaksich-Long funeral home is this area's most trusted funeral home and who has introduced real professional service to Raton.The staff of Yaksich-Long funeral home know how to overcome the problems confronting survivors with facilities to meet every need. At Yaksich-Long Funeral Home we truly help.